1. Where is the market of MOU Logistics?
* The availability of our services depends on the type you require. For bulk cargo, MOU Logistics operates globally, accommodating customer requests across any location. We facilitate the transportation of bulk vessels from ports in Canada to destinations worldwide. When it comes to express cargo, we specialize in arranging shipments from Canada to both the US and Vietnam. Additionally, we facilitate cargo movement from Vietnam to Canada and the US. Furthermore, for document-related shipments, our services extend worldwide as well.
2. Can customer track their parcel?
* Certainly. Once customers book and place an order with MOU Logistics, they can easily track their parcel at any time by visiting the MOU Logistics website or using the app. They simply need to enter their tracking number to access the tracking information.
3. How customer can book an order?
Customers have several options to book an order:
+ They can visit our website to locate the nearest agent and personally visit that office with their cargo to book their order.
+ Alternatively, they can call us and provide details about their cargo, after which our workers can arrange to pick up the cargo from their location.
4. What kind of cargo MOU Logistics can arrange for customer?
* MOU Logistics handles a wide range of cargo types, spanning from personal effects to substantial quantities of bulk cargo. We possess the capability to evaluate and manage any kind of cargo as per the specific requests of our customers.
5. How does MOU Logistics transport customers' goods?
* MOU Logistics employs sea, air, and land routes to transport various types of goods for its customers. 
6. What language MOU Logistics use in working with their customer?
English, Vietnamese


1. Who qualifies as an agent for MOU Logistics?
*  Anyone with a legally registered business is eligible to become an agent for MOU Logistics.
2. How to become an agent for MOU Logistics?
*  To become an agent for MOU Logistics, please arrange the necessary business registration and provide the owner's ID. Contact us at We will review your documents and set up an agent account in our system for you.
3. What can be done through the MOU Logistics website and app?
*  Through our website and app, you can efficiently manage orders for your customers. These tasks are automated and user-friendly. Should you encounter any issues, please reach out to Our administrators are available to assist you whenever needed.
4. What are the advantages of being an agent?
*  As an agent for MOU Logistics, you'll receive a reasonable commission that meets your requirements and is enticing enough to engage in this field of work.
Hotline: +16395250577